Everybody Wants to Find the Best Deal, The One That Works Best For Their Business.

Unfortunately, Achieving Financing Today

From Traditional Banks

Often Seems Impossible.

This Is The Sad Truth.

With Over 60% of  Loan Applications Being Denied By The “Big Banks” 

Platinum is Here, Specifically to Show & Prove That

Our Network of Lenders is ‘ Not Your Average

Banking Syndicate.

For Starters,

We are Not limited to any Particular Location or Lender.

This means,

We can Assess Your Personal Financial Situation 

To Customize a Deal That Works Best For You and Your Bottom Line.

When It Comes To Commercial Finance and Lending,

Platinum Preferred is Here to Bridge The World of Commercial Banks and Alternative Lenders.

We Have  a Wide Array of Funding Sources,

So We Can Provide Our Clients Two Very Important Things

– Capital and Options.

These Options Put The Leverage With You, The Customer, by having Multiple Capital Sources Competing for Your Business.

It is Our Number One Goal, to provide a truly Unique Lending Experience.

Taking a Consultative Approach To You And Your Business,

to Achieve your Objectives.

At Platinum, we Strive For Perfection,

by building Long Lasting relationships

with the Clients Best Interest in Mind. 



Let Us Show You The Platinum Way Today.